Saidaltaf Patel

Mr. Patel is Counsel to Fortis Law Practise and advises in all areas of criminal law including:bail, assault, assault with a weapon, aggravated assault, domestic assault, threats, dangerous driving, impaired driving (DUI), fraud, robbery, careless driving and stunt driving, mischief offences, theft offences, murder and manslaughter, drug offences, sexual offences, firearm and weapons offences, and youth crime (YCJA). He also practices in all areas of immigration and citizenship related matters including: family class immigration, spousal sponsorship, student visa, skilled worker immigration, immigration for self-employed or business class, work permit or extension of work permits, super visa, and visitor visa or visit letters.

Mr. Patel has successfully appeared before all Criminal Courts in the Greater Toronto Area, New Market and Oshawa as well as the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, The Immigration Appeal Division and Federal Court of Canada.

Mr. Patel is affiliated with professional and not-for-profit organizations, including, The Law Society of Upper Canada, Canadian Bar Association, Refugee lawyers Association and Criminal Lawyers Association.