Whether bringing an action to recover financial loss from a breach of contract or attending to insurance needs and claims of the motor carriers (Transportation/ Logistics & Towing’s)our lawyers are always available and willing to go all the way to get you the equitable settlement or judgment you deserve.

Our extensive litigation experience enables us to regularly appear at all levels of the Ontario and Federal Boards & Agencies on motions, at trials or on appeals.

Our lawyers also represent clients before administrative agencies, and often successfully negotiate out-of-court settlements that helps to avoid time consuming and costly litigation procedure.

Real Estate

Buying or selling your home is exciting, as well as complex. And for most people it will be the biggest and most challenging business transaction of their lives. But then having us to guide and represent you through the whole ordeal can be very comforting and less stressful.

Our team with continuously improved knowledge and extensive experiences in real estate can definitely provide you with the assurance and affordable satisfactory service you require when buying or selling a residential or commercial property, refinancing or leasing a property.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M& A bargains, whether large or small, have fundamental complexities that need to be clearly understood and adequately addressed. Experienced legal counsel is imperative on all M&A transactions and for all clients, ranging from local start-ups to larger conglomerates.

With years of experience advising profitably on M&A transactions, our lawyers at Fortis Law Practise can be trusted to provide clients with the right level of client-focused legal guidance and representation necessary to top a successful deal.

Family and Matrimonial

While there are minute other ways of easing the pain and emotional exhaustion from a divorce, relying on our family law professionals for compelling and empathetic legal representation and counsel can be very uplifting.

In addition to our family law traditional services we render by way of negotiation, judicial proceedings, mediation or arbitration in matters relating to spousal and parental rights arising from paternity; cohabitation; marriage; separation; custody; support and divorce, our family law lawyers also applytheir expertise to provide clients with strategic advice on how to protect their commercial assets, and the impact of family law on their estates and tax planning.

Wills and Estates

At Fortis Law Practise, we understand how crucial it is to stay energetic during complex legal processes relating to estates, especially while still coping with the loss of a family member or benefactor.

Our lawyers implement personalized and case-based approaches in evaluating and representing beneficiaries or other respective parties in either challenging or defending a will, and reaching an amicable result while still helping to respect existing family dynamics.

Business and Corporate Compliance

It is impossible to completely guarantee that a company’s employees or agents will never engage in illegal activities involving the company. But the business and corporate compliance team at Fortis Law Practise goes in-depth to analyze and ensure that your company has put in place sufficient and appropriate internal tools and controls expected by governmental enforcement agencies, shareholders and third parties to enable your company mitigate any potential liability or risk.

Our lawyers also protect your company’s vulnerability by recommending specific measures and remedial actions that can greatly mitigate damages and show intent.